Friday, March 5, 2010


I thought about putting funny titles on this month's posts irrelevant to content and scaring everyone! lol! Update on this month is that we're on track. I will not say how it's going because every word I could use sounds weird and not enough to describe, but then noone needs a longer description obviously.

It's an eventful weekend, and I am so blessed. My mom went to the hospital tonight, but was able to get what she needed (blood...hemoglobin dangerously low) and get back home before too late. We are blessed to have a third little addition to our family for the night and morning/day. Tomorrow, a good friend of mine from work and her best friend are coming over to hang out. Usually, when someone (or two) is coming over for the first time, one is compelled to clean and present yourself in the best way, but you know what? Especially with my mom being sick, I am learning more and more and more to not even give those sorts of ideas a second thought. Relationships are so very important and such an amazing part of life...and how clean the house is has nothing to do with anything important. So, I will spend my morning with the three precious kiddos and Tim and let them play and make whatever mess they want, and then welcome my friends with open arms. Tim and Isaac are going to IKEA to eat lunch tomorrow and then to the They Might Be Giants kids' concert tomorrow afternoon. Isaac told of this adventure at least ten times today and could not be more excited. I am overjoyed for them. Tim is an amazing dad and husband. Sunday, we will spend the day after church getting together packages from Tim's ebay store. The auctions end on Saturday, and the store is over halfway to Tim's goal. Go bids go!

We settled on my car accident and will be able to see some of our cc debt go away because of it. want to know something super amazing? Someone I have never met gave me $200 to help with my mom's medical bills. My good friend put my mom on her church's prayer list and was praying about her situation one night with some other women. After the prayer, her friend wrote a check to give to me for $200. My friend called to tell me about it while i was in the hospital with my mom last week. It took everything I had to wait to cry until later. amazing. The Emory appointment on Monday is costing us $500, and Tim and I had only been able to figure out a portion. This is an amazing blessing, and my heart is still full because of it.

Whew! Little Moon is finally back to her bed. Time may be short, so I must go. ;)

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