Monday, March 1, 2010

The Romantic Life

So...although I know a couple of my friends disagree with posting on this topic, Tim and I both feel comfortable sharing this month's challenge, which is to have sex everyday this month. Posting throughout the month will be about whatever is on my mind, as I will certainly not be sharing much else about the month's challenge. I titled the month using "romantic" for fun because surely it will be hard to keep up the romance all month. Here's hoping neither of us get sick or something that would prove to *really* be challenging. Romance and intimacy are both things that Tim and I value greatly and are commited to keeping great with two small kids and jobs and ten years of marriage.

This idea on my year long brainstorm always makes the listener laugh...or sorry they although initially a little funny, it's nothing I want to hide about or never speak of. I think it's a super respectable challenge. All of that said, I am hoping and praying that noone asks me in a large group or in front of my single friends. oh...and watch my family suddenly begin to follow the blog. Wish me luck! :)


  1. Ha! That's great. Definitely a worthwhile challenge. I promise to be careful when I ask about this month's challenge. Kudos to you two, and good luck!

  2. That would have been funny if I asked you at the party what you guys were doing this month.