Friday, February 5, 2010


My mom had an early doctor's appointment today, and we got called back so quickly that I did not even have time to make my free coffee, of which I am very fond. The rest of the appointment was absolutely no good either, as we found out that her blood levels/counts have dropped again, which makes the doctor unsure (again) of what he thinks is happening. He referred us to Emory, and we should know the date of that appointment by Monday. Hopefully, it will be this week. Mom appeared overwhelmed and worried, and although I bet I did not appear to be, I too, was discouraged and super concerned. Let me just spell it out, actually...I am worried.

I felt like cracking, but instead, picked up my oragnic grassfed beef from a friend's freezer and then went to Marmalade Pottery to pick out a birthday present. Maria Dondero is an amazing artist, and it makes me so happy to visit and buy and give her pottery. I found two great pieces for two friends (which were on sale in the studio) and then something amazing happened! I was looking at one of the "seconds" and contemplating if I wanted to buy it for myself with my Christmas money. We discussed the small imperfection that made it a "second" and then I spotted and asked about a crack. Maria grabbed it and examined it and then asked if I would like to have it, as she would not be able to sell it with the crack. Wow! What an amazing blessing and uplifting end to the morning hours.

Later in the day, I closed my finger in the car door. Not sure how, but I did, and it was/is so very painful. It's my right pointer finger and is killing me to type. I was so glad that, after a while, it was obvious that I had not cracked my bone. I will hurt for anyone I hear of closing their finger in a door from now on!!

I am doing lots of praying and reading my Bible so far this month. It has been great. Great to be close to God, great to rely on him and the strength I get from him rather than on myself, great to pray with Tim, great to cry out with my desperate prayers for my mom, great to be reminded that God loves me deeply and holds me in his arms.

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  1. So sorry the day was so crummy! And I am praying for your Mom!!