Monday, April 26, 2010


...late than never! I have been exercising my big booty off today! I got some motivation from somewhere...out of nowhere...yesterday to lose this weight I have gained. I lost around 15 pounds about this time last year, and somehow (OMG! why is it so easy for me to gain weight???!!!) have gained every single pound back. ok...I am not going to talk about all of that anymore, actually. Back to today...I worked this morning and then was home with the kids the rest of the day. I made lunch, and we ate outside, wind blowing, sitting on our pink quilt. I had to get jackets for the kids, we all laughed and ate, and just had so much fun. Lunch remains and dishes on the quilt, we ended up staying outside for hours! I trimmed back 5 dead butterfly bushes trying so hard to bloom again around all of the dead branches. I cut back this whole crazy area we have in front of our house and took all of the branches and brush to the woods in the back. Kendall sat in the iris bed for about an hour telling stories with a couple of acorns and sticks and such she picked up off the ground. Isaac filled up his watering can from the outside spigot, soaked himself, changed into some pajamas, and was right back outside watering and playing and riding. Kendall moved to the back to the sandbox for her second hour. I raked leaves, pulled weeds, swept, played with the kids some, and then went inside for cleaning and laundry and eventually dinner. The rest was welcomed by the kids, who ended up playing with playdough for the rest of the afternoon until dinner. After dinner, the kids and I (Tim has court on monday nights) drove to downtown Statham and parked and walked all over the place. We jogged some, walked lots, and found some little alley ways through which to adventure.

My arms are seriously sore from clipping/chopping/whatever with some very simple clipper/choppers. I ate well today. I am so happy to be on a good path.

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