Thursday, December 10, 2009


Well, I'm not enjoying the darkness at night, really. Monday night, I had a holiday party and picked up the kids from my mom while Tim had court, and came home in time to get the kids in bed in the dark. Tuesday night, Tim took the kids to Atlanta with him while he went to a concert and the kids visited with grandma and grandpa. I stayed out and got some work done and got home to the darkness of the house. Wednesday night, I took a friend out for her birthday after church and got home in time for the darkness...and PILES of dirty clothes...and tons of emails to read and write (and nelglect). Tonight, I am starting this email with 15 minutes to write, as I have just gotten home from the nursing home (work) holiday party. whew...what a week...coming home to a dark house and very little ability (ok none) to be productive has been so hard!!

I am enjoying not having the television, actually. Our mornings start with pretending and playing and snuggling on the couch with my full attention on them rather than with the kids sitting on the couch with the TV while I do other things for at LEAST an hour. Kendall still asks to "watch something" every other day. I love our living room and the way the house feels without the big machine sucking some the energy and warmth out of the house. I miss watching it at night sometimes. The kids watched a movie on the computer for the first time the other day when they were really tired and whining and needing me I let the computer pacify them a little while.

So...I think this month is actually a little harder for me than I expected. This week, I am in bed with candles blazing thinking about all that I need to get up and do and how many emails I have. I am still hoping for more peace and joy about the rest and stillness at night this month.

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