Sunday, December 6, 2009

Sleeping, but Grumpy

So, all of this candlelight at night is actually making me a little grumpy. I want badly to change my attitude, and in fact, I did feel very simple and centered and rested for the first couple of days of the month, but don't any longer.

Tim and I were reading and talking by candle light the first few nights, and that was calming and nice, although the flickering of the candles while trying to read is definitely something to get used to. Friday night, I was out late for a La Leche League fundraiser at Barnes and Noble and then could not come home and clean my house for the Barefoot Books party on Saturday morning. Tim had actually done tons of cleaning, so there was really not much for me to do, but I had forgotten to stop by the store on the way home and then not using electricity forced me to go to bed by candle light and not bake anything. By morning, I knew I would not feel like baking, so I set out early for store bought snacks. Everything worked out wonderfully, but somehow that started my grumpy feelings of being sort of out of control and unhappy with my change in productive time.

Last night, we spent the evening visiting and playing cards with my family, and did not get home until a little before 11. Well, since my kids usually go to bed by 8:00, we figured they would fall asleep on the 40 minute drive home. Nope...didn't happen. We had to do our advent calendars (there are 3!), get a snack for a crying 2 year old, put pjs on...everything...while gathered around this battery powered lantern in the same room. Imagine, all the while, Kendall whining "I want to turn on the lights" continuously. LOL. Grumpiness level went up some more after that adventurous night. Oh...and after all of that...I wanted coffee, but could not use our coffee pot. :)

I am committed to regaining my former attitude. Darkness and calm and natural light in our house at 10:30 was once a neat unexpected blessing, and I hope it begins to be that way again...starting in 8 minutes.

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