Monday, December 14, 2009


The past couple of days of our unplugged challenge have been so great. I have been HOME! You know, when I am home to use the computer for the things I need to do and bake when needed and do our laundry and even for Tim and I to watch an episode of Amazing Race and Survivor (yep...I still love those shows), I feel ready to rest and wind down with the candles blazing at 10:30 at night.

Last night, I thoroughly enjoyed reading my book until I could no longer stand reading by a flickering light that began to hurt my eyes after a long while. Tonight, Tim is baking cookies for Isaac's mother's morning out class party tomorrow before the clock strikes and there is no more electricity use, and I am ordering Christmas cards (late!) and sending emails and checking facebook. Before this month, I would be sitting here with the computer on my lap for the rest of the evening and possibly on into tomorrow. It feels wise and mature to get off of this machine and let the darkness eventually lull me to sleep, to simplify and not be so dependent on machines. To follow more closely the natural rhythms of the earth and not make my own.

I love our home. We made a decision against going to mall of georgia last night, and I am so glad. Instead, we made cookies and played games at home. I am finding peace and rest within myself at home. I do not have to be entertained and connected to everyone in the world (internet, email, facebook, etc) all night nor do I have to clean and finish projects all night. I do not have to have something to do every night. I can be home and end my day at a certain time whether there is more to do or not...and then truly rest.

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  1. Very wise Stephanie - I love that: "I can be home and end my day at a certain time whether there is more to do or not... and then truly rest."

    The world will keep on ticking whether we've finished our to-do lists or checked Facebook. Thanks for the reminder.