Wednesday, November 4, 2009

The Cabinets are...Strange.

I am going on a trip to the mountains this weekend with friends and decided I would go out hunting for possibilities of food to take with me to eat rather than force all of my friends to not buy plastic on our grocery store outing upon arriving. So...I had some great finds. I got...

Daily (local grocery store/co-op): peanut butter that I could scoop into my own container, a bunch of delicious looking apples, 2 dark chocolate balls wrapped in earth looking foil for the kiddos, and biobags for $1 more than on, but without having to pay shipping.
Earth Fare: feta and spinach chicken sausage wrapped in paper for Tim to make while I am out of town, yogurt covered pretzels, star cookies, almonds, and sesame sticks from the bulk bins scooped into my own containers (store provides plastic bags), and coffee I ground straight into my own container, as the paper bags provided appeared to be lined with plastic. I also saw that illy makes coffee in a metal container with a metal lid and metal seal, but it is more expensive than I was planning to spend. Earth Fare was happy to read my #s off the many containers I sat on the counter and take off some ounces for the extra weight.

Tomorrow, I'll be close to the Granary again and will get bread and some other things to fill out the meal/snack menu for several more days. My big bag of containers is already packed to put in the car in the morning. I'm looking forward to connecting with those people again. I am amazed that just the act of not using plastic has given me a closer connection to my food as well as the people I come into contact with surrounding it.

My cabinets are more full now...and very strange. Smart balance container of peanut butter, old deli containers of snacks, peanut container of coffee, glass leftover storage with pretzels. Bare in lots of spots. I could get used to the diversity, careful choosing, and lack of brand names I see.

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