Saturday, November 14, 2009

Plastic Mountain

I have been needing to go to the grocery store for a couple of days now, but have just not made it there. We have had oatmeal for breakfast for three days straight and are officially out of most of what we consider the essentials. I was out tonight with a friend and decided to pick up a few things at Kroger before I headed home. time you go to the regular grocery store, take a look up and down aisles in search for something other than plastic. Here's what I found tonight: apples, bananas, jar of applesauce, jar of spaghetti sauce, wasa crackers (mmm...hope kids love crunchy, light whole wheat cardboard as much as I!), egg nog in a paper carton, spreadable "butter" sticks (because I hate trying to spread my organic unsalted butter sticks) and a box of coke zero. Besides the items I listed above and bought, I found jarred olives, heavy whipping cream, ice cream sandwiches, and some loose fruits and veggies. It is truly amazing. There were whole sections of the store where I did not find one item not in plastic. Tonight, I searched all of the pasta options and found NOTHING. Every single box had a plastic window. I also searched the ice cream selections and found boxes with plastic rings around the top, boxes with plastic sheets to seal/cover the ice cream inside, and boxes with a plastic rim around the top to act as a seal. About the time I remembered that ice cream sandwiches are wrapped in paper in a paper box, I also remembered that I had a plate of cookies in the car from a friend, so I abandoned the aisle all together.

Being almost out of diapers and food has made some nervousness set in today, but I am reassured by my thoughts of Earth Fare, the cow in my freezer, and The Granary as well as my friends who have offered their cloth diapers for me to borrow. I don't think Kendall has any clothes she can wear with a big cloth diaper butt, but pantless or diaperless, she will not be wearing disposables much longer.

Now...what in THE WORLD am I going to do about THANKSGIVING!


  1. Oh, Thanksgiving! That is going to be a challenge! And cloth diaper butt, too. I will look and see if I have any 2T sweats. Not very stylish, but you will need something warm just in case the weather starts acting like November!! AND Wasa bread!! I love it! You can put peanut butter on it, and if your kiddos like cream cheese, that is super yummy and not too expensive and plastic free. Seriously, it is a favorite snack of mine. When I first discovered it, I was eating a couple a day. Woo hoo!

  2. Our dresses are working well with the cloth diaper butt. Isaac and I are loving the Wasa with peanut butter. I'll be getting some foil wrapped and boxed cream cheese to try out soon! Still don't know what I'm doing about Thanksgiving.