Monday, November 2, 2009

Small Coffee...No Lid

"Small cafe au lait with sugar and no plastic lid please," I ordered at a local coffee shop drive through. When the barista repeated my order, I reminded her again that I wanted it without a top. What appears before my eyes at the window...a small paper coffee cup...WITH a plastic lid. "Can you please take off the top and reuse it for someone else's cup?" She responded with "sure" and I saw her putting the top back on the stack as I drove away. Being positive I was about to acquire second degree burns from the hot coffee filled to overflowing, I quickly opened the door and poured some out before I turned out of the parking lot. Good reminder to put my cup in the car!!!

I had a great conversation with the kids about not buying plastic and why and how that would affect them at Subway tonight. Isaac appeared to be excited by the challenge, and although I had only talked about not buying chips at Subway because of the plastic bag, he went on to explain that he would also not be able to have milk or apple juice. I guess one simple conversation with child like explanations of the yuckiness of plastic is exactly what the kiddos needed. Isaac was offered a chip by his friend at dinner and responded that he could not have anything from plastic. Later, he did ask if he could have a "tiny one," and thank goodness, the offer still stood.

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