Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Victory and the No Plastic Lifestyle!

Today was such a great day for not using plastic and helped me to feel like I am well on my way to making this a lifestyle. I went to bed last night with anxiety about finding what I needed to make snack and a bread recipe for our Waldorf preschool co-op. Our snack consists of fruit, cheese, and nuts, and I envisioned the sea of nuts in plastic bags at my usual grocery store stop and the impossibility of finding cheese in a plastic alternative. The bread recipe did not seem so hard except that I would have to figure out an alternative to buttermilk and was low on honey. I have not been able to find milk with no plastic top or spout, so I did not even have the comfort of knowing I could mix vinegar and milk for use as buttermilk.

At the end of the day, even after leaving my bags and containers at home, I walked in the door with everything I would need for preschool and no plastic whatsoever.

Kroger...organic apples-no bag, sugar, flour, baking soda (all in paper), organic creamer- just to be safe since i have not seen it anywhere else in all paper. They had loose peanuts to self scoop, but I had not brought my containers and felt too embarrassed to carry in my fast food paper bag from lunch. I had no luck with the honey. There was one glass jar with a plastic seal.

Earthfare...honey in a glass jar with no plastic seal on the top, peanuts from the bulk bins in my friend's container (met her there for dinner), AND.....buttermilk with no plastic. The same brand (Organic Valley) of milk, cream, egg nog, etc had a plastic spout, but the buttermilk did not! I could not believe it. I also got a chunk of cheddar cheese from the deli and asked them to wrap it in paper. I carried it all proudly out of the store with my leftover dinner in their fairly new paper take out containers.

I am finding alternatives and starting to really want to live this way for lots longer than this month!


  1. That's awesome! I wish I'd been at school to give you a thumbs up for the hard work. You are definitely making me even more aware of all of the bits of plastic that cross my path.

  2. you go girl!! I'll be watching your progress!

  3. thanks, ladies! it helps so much to have you all in my life.