Tuesday, November 3, 2009

The Granary

I made a trip to The Granary in Watkinsville today and met the really neat couple who own the place. I explained our adventure for the month and was met with wonderful excitement to fulfill all the needs they were able without using plastic. We brainstormed and talked and laughed and decided that they could empty some of the items into paper bags (and just refill the bags with no trouble), put my bread and any other baked goods into paper, and that I would bring containers from home for the food items that needed something other than paper. I am just so excited to be bringing them my business while feeling totally respected and secure on this crazy adventure!

Tim, on the other hand, did not have a wonderful day going without plastic. His text from a restaurant today reads: "I think it would be best to pack a lunch. I'll have to do that if we want to go out Thursday. Kind of taking a long time and hard to avoid plastic and everyone wants to sit beside me. the to go box is a dilemma- if we do eat out, we need to have a container in the car." He took the kids to ride a couple of rides at the fair across from the restaurants and reported that the funnel cake came on a paper plate, and they all skipped the fork. The man is such an amazing husband and is committed to being on this adventure with me. He's actually a great writer too, and I would love for him to post here once a week or so. hmmm...

We all shelled butter beans from Locally Grown tonight. It was the perfect night time activity with two little ones. It got me dreaming of the month we go without TV and hoping for many more nights at the little wooden table Tim had growing up "shelling beans" with my kids.


  1. L and E decided they wanted to have an "old fashioned week" and do what kids did in the "olden days" without TVs and computers, by "finding ways to entertain themselves" - E. I'm hoping by the end of the week that they will realize how much more fun they had without being entertained by electronics, and may be we can make a lifestyle change.

  2. That's so cool, Rachele...sounds awesome! Shucking corn and shelling edamame and butterbeans have been so fun for all of us over here. I think we've decided that December will be the reduce electricity month (no TV). I'm so glad to be on similar journeys with you, friend.

  3. Hey Friend,

    We packed up our tv a few weeks ago. It hasn't been missed! K and I do watch shows occasionally on the computer, but not too much. I am amazed at how easy it was to put it away! I think you are doing a really cool experiment. It will be neat to see how it affects you in the long run. I am really inspired by your commitment!

    Christina : )

  4. So great to hear, C! You help me to stay on this adventure just by being you.