Thursday, January 21, 2010


It feels close to the end of no spend month. Not spending money has truly been mostly perfect. Tim and I have not discussed what we will continue from this month, but I would love to keep our spending within very strict parameters for as long as we are able. Maybe we can only eat out if we are spending time with other people, but not just for convenience here and there and everywhere...or maybe I'll continue to have self control and not buy coffee and drinks and treats for myself for a few more months. I'll be thinking... It was VERY hard the other night to be sleepy and thirsty and driving home from Atlanta in the pouring rain...and not be able to buy a drink at the QT where Tim stopped to walk around and get refreshed a little before continuing to drive. lots and lots of victories...and money saved.

Funny thing happened the other day...I made plans to have lunch with a friend. The night before our lunch date, as I was drifting off to sleep, I thought, "oh my goodness! what in the world am I doing? I can not spend money on lunch." so...well...I called my old, close friend with whom I have not spent time in over a year and asked her to pay for my lunch. It was a little embarassing and lots funny, but, of course, she didn't mind, and we set up in the next lunch date in February...when I get to pay. :)

Nothing came about at my mom's appointment today. More talk about "complicated" and "didn't think that would happen" and "surprised the steroids didn't do anything" and "probably," but nothing that really brought peace or security...or better health, really. sigh. Next week's conversation may be a little difficlt, as I think I will address the possible need for/lack of urgency. I did hug the man today. I have hugged lots of people that were not expecting it. LOL!

I don't think I ever blogged, but Tim and I bought dinner at IKEA the other night when we were there with his parents as a part of a family day together (their christmas present). The whole process of how that happened is complicated, but ultimately our fault. It would have been VERY awkward to turn it around, but in the end, it was a choice we made. So...all the party poopers can get excited that we messed up now. $16 and change spent this month outside of bills and groceries. oh...and tim soent $10 for parking at Monster Truck Jam, but those tickets were bought and the trip planned in December...but if we're being totally totally honest...I thought I'd mention it.

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