Tuesday, January 26, 2010


My husband is truly amazing. He is an incredibly brilliant man who graduated at the top of his UGA Law School class. He has his own law practice, where he works part time, and then stays home with our kids part time while I work. He is an amazing stay at home dad. He takes the kids to the library, conducts semi regular learning times, builds forts, reads tons of books, bathes them, dresses them every morning, takes them to Mother's Morning Out on tues/thurs mornings, and is constantly baking with them. They truly have so much time together, and it makes me fall completely in love with Tim regularly. This month, he has completely dumbfounded me. I have felt the burden of our debt and lack of savings and/or retirement with intense emotion for a while now. It weighs heavily on me, and I have tried to explain it many times. This month, Tim started a blog and an amazing journey to pay off our credit card debt this year. It's super inspirational and sacrificial and intense. I am so so so happy and grateful and lucky. I got a text from him today saying that he had decided he wanted to stop receiving satellite service and put that $55/month toward the debt. His other decisions include not spending money on himself this year. No lunches out, no coffee from drive thrus, no video games or music or graphic novels or any other form of entertainment for himself. whoa. It's kind of stunning. We have a few movie tickets and Netflix for the year gifted to us, and Tim is super grateful.

There's no way that I can match his sacrifice, and that is so cool to me. We're praying and working hard, and wow....it just might happen!!!!

My mom has always wanted to go to Disney World. I am extremely concerned about her health and life situation at the moment. We will pay off this debt this year and take our second trip to Disney World, where the kids are dreaming to return, sometime after. We will do it.


  1. Hi Tim and Stephanie,

    I am super inspired by you both. I've heard it saying that paying a price in the short term to win financially in the long run is ALWAYS worth it. Angie and I are two months away from being debt free except our house. Keep fighting!!!

    Love you both,

  2. oh wow! how coo1, Jonathan! thanks for reading.