Saturday, January 9, 2010

water fountain

I got a text from Tim tonight during intermission at Monster Truck Jam. He and Isaac and 2 other daddy/son pairs went together for fun and memories with friends. His text was that they had gone to the water fountain and gotten some really good water while they were waiting for the monster trucks and the friends to return. I felt so bad that they were packing dinner beforehand and then not buying any snacks or treats at the show, but this text made me laugh out loud. Water fountains are almost obsolete, it seems. How could you go to an event at The Dome and not buy several very overpriced food/drink items? Those were my first thoughts, and then as the minutes passed, I realized how very much I respect Tim for taking our complaining (wanted a drink...can't bring in outside stuff) 4 year old boy to the water fountain. Not spending money (the tickets were bought in December, by the way)while you are already at a great event does not lessen the great memories. We will not deprive him of these overpriced event foods for the rest of his life or anything. For this month/once, it is great for him to be able to appreciate the time and relationships...and the water fountain.

This week was great. I had to buy a tire to replace a flat...$61.50. No other money spent outside of bills and groceries. My aunt took my mom and me to lunch on Thursday, which was so generous and fun. I got several invitations to do things that cost money, but was able to figure out how to make it all work without spending...or not...and just decline. I went to a coffee shop with friends twice and just drank coffee from home. I love the dessert at this coffee shop, so I saved around $10 by not spending money on those two nights.

We had an entire Saturday at home today. Whoa. I can not think of the last time that has happened. We left at 5 to go have dinner at my mom's house, but all day was spent at home. We've had several days like that this month already. It's good. Good things WILL come from this challenge, for sure. I enojyed free coffee while I waited on my tire this week. I truly enjoyed it. It felt like a blessing that day to get coffee while out and then a soda for my drive to Commerce (work) when I dropped off something at Julie's house. I see little blessings all around me so far, and I am also feeling more confident about our financial situation just from the committment not to spend for 30 days.

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