Thursday, January 14, 2010


Stillness, patience, waiting, learning, blessings.

I have a painting in my bedroom by a local artist that says, "In the midst of movement and chaos, keep stillness inside of you." I think it applies to what I am experiencing with my mom as we continue to meet with the doctor weekly and look at all of the blood counts and listen to him speculate about what MAY be happening. He is trying something with her this week to see what happens and if the numbers improve, and if not, says he will send us to Emory to delve further into reaching answers and solutions. There are moments when it is really hard to just wait in the chaos and there are moments when I am happy to be sitting in the stillness.

Isaac seemed to have lots of chaos inside today. He brought home a number tracing/practice sheet from mother's morning out on Tuesday. It was blank, and Tim said that his teacher reported that Isaac did not want to work on it, which was totally fine with them. Today, Tim said that Isaac saw the sheet on the table and wanted to practice writing. He traced the "1" and practiced writing it on his own beside it, and then traced the "2" while seemingly happy. All of a sudden, he started scribbling all over the entire page and then got up from the table, opened the front door, and ran outside. He went outside to sit with his bird feeder, of which he is very proud. Wow. I love this little boy so intensely and it hurts me to think that he got so down and frustrated with not doing something well/not being able to do something. It is neat to me, although scary (you know...that he would run out the door) that he ran to try to find some stillness inside of him. We've seen this part of him for several years. He is just now able to hold a pencil correctly, although it's still very awkward for him, and his written name is just barely legible, with all of the letters being backwards most of the time. It's not his strength. He can cut nearly like an adult. He likes to practice cutting. He appears to need to gather up courage to practice writing. He has no pressure and tons of encouragement from us, and we will continue to guide him and lift him up and honor his strengths and weaknesses. I am positive he will not be a non-writer. LOL. He will learn to write. He will learn stillness and patience as well.

I have had some neat blessings this week. I had 2 friends take me to lunch this week and one taking the kids and me out tomorrow. I requested a refund for the $229 we paid for the emergency electrician we called based on Georgia Power's reccommendation only to find out that it was GA Power's problem after all...all on the night of my car accident. So this happened 11/16, and although I just got around to making the call and requesting a refund of the money almost 2 months later, they granted our request and put a check in the mail the next day. My mom's doctor did say that her liver is no longer enlarged and appeared normal on the scan. Blessings came. I am so grateful.

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